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Damoa Gong

Baiyang Damoa Gong

Baiyang Damoa Gong was taught by Damoa Grand Master. It is an exercise regimen that rectify whole body chi (qi) channel, strengthen organ function and immune system while achieving natural body healing of illnesses or injuries.

Traditional Chinese Gong Practice can be classified into Wen-Gong (breathing-based) and Wu-Gong (motion-based). Wen-Gong (breathing-based) mainly uses natural breathing to relax the body. This passage is safer but requires the practitioner to practice for extended period of time before seeing benefits. Wu-Gong (motion-based) uses full body motions along with timed breathing to achieve results. It is relatively more risky but results can be achieved in a shorter amount of time. Baiyang Damoa Gong combines the best of Wen-Gong and Wu-Gong to achieve maximum benefit. It is extremely safe while health improvements can be achieved in a remarkably short amount of time.

Baiyang Foundation's Baiyang Damoa Gong was created to benefit mankind. The teaching of Baiyang Damoa Gong is always free of charge. Any for-fee transfer of this knowledge is strictly prohibited.

Damoa Gon's key principles

Damoa Gong #1 Baiyang Opening

Damoa Gong #2 Twin Dragons Greetings

Damoa Gong #3 Red Dragon Playing

Damoa Gong #4 The Spirit of Moving Mountains

Damoa Gong #5 Passing Eternal Knowledge

Damoa Gong #6 Attacking from Two Sides

Damoa Gong #7 Kick The Sky

Damoa Gong #8 Golden Dragon Helix

Damoa Gong #9 Damoa Holding the Pole

Damoa Gong #10 Turtle Breathing

Damoa Gong #11 The Presenting Beauty

Damoa Gong #12 Princess Flying to the Moon

Damoa Gong #13 Crane Splashing in the Water

Damoa Gong #14 The Tiger Stretching

Damoa Gong #15 Jockey’s Quirt

Damoa Gong #16 Elephant Head Raising

Damoa Gong #17 Preying Tiger

Damoa Gong #18 Buddha Converging to The One