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Why do practitioners practice? 英譯者 Peter Chang


With the end of the Spring Session, the long Chinese New Year holiday is also winding down to an end. When I think back to the three days, I can』t help but think that Fate truly has brought us together. What a blessing and honor it is to be able to gather at one place with Master Wu and all the practitioners from near and far to listen to the teachings from above. We must thank the Saints and Deities for sharing their wisdoms with us. Their wisdoms are like a compass, providing us with guidance when we have lost our bearing. They are there to guide us, to teach us, and to encourage us to continue down our path, letting us know that we are not alone in our practice. Their presence makes me feel like a drifter who has finally found my way home into my mother』s love and warm embrace.

白陽老人曾言:『真正的修 ,是修而不修,求而不求。任何事物都只能短暫于時空之中,不要沉迷執著於心中。』修者何必言修?以我淺薄之見,修者已知道『無為』裡沒有『爭』,『無為』裡沒有『要表現的』,『要征服的』,『要擔憂的』,『要勝過別人的需求』。然而,為什麼仍要談『修』?那是因為『修』其實就是修養自我身心,而修養自我身心始能洞見生命之實相。一直以來,為求心靈慰藉之人們,每每求諸於宗教一途。其實,心靈的平和與心思的正直,來自於強化自我精神結構的飽滿與內心至高的誠意;強化自我精神結構的飽滿與內心至高的誠意,是向內自我開發所生起的智慧;內在自我開發所生起的智慧,即在我當下修正並除去自我私慾與偏見之時。一念之間,如此而已!

Master Wu once said, 「The ultimate achievement of practice is to practice as if you are not practicing; to pray as if you are not praying. All things exist in this time and space for only a brief moment. Do not be obsessed with these things.」 Why do practitioners practice? My opinion, based on my limited experience, is practitioners understand there is no 「dispute」 in 「Wuwei.」 They understand that to 「show off」, 「conquer」, 「worry」, and 「compete with others」 does not exist in 「Wuwei.」 If this is the case, why do we still speak of 「practice?」 We still 「practice」 because it is simply a way to cultivate our mind, body and spirit. It is through this nurturing of the mind, body, and spirit which allows us to see the real truth in life. When humans started searching for guidance and solace to their spirituality, they have always resorted to religion. I believe the key to finding integrity and peace is not to turn to religion but simply to practice with our hearts filled with the utmost sincerity and to strengthen our spiritual support. By doing this, we start to develop wisdom within ourselves. It is through this development within, will we be able to remove all of our desires and prejudices


According to the Diamond Sutra, 「All conditioned occurrences. Are like a dream, a bubble, a shadow. Like the morning dew, or like lightning. You should do as you see.」 Why belief in religion when the highest achievement is to forget its teachings? Why carry a canoe on your back when you have already crossed the river? Why do practitioners practice? When we are on the path in search for truth, we are not looking for inscriptions on a marble slab to worship. We are not looking for rules, laws, or commandments that cause us anxiety and fear. The real meaning in the search for truth is to find the place of origin where our spirit has no boundaries. Our spirit is here, there, and every where. Our spirit and everything around us is merged into one.


One way of looking at the wonders of life is 「life is much more than what we know or what we think we know.」 Being human, we can not escape our fragile physical form. Since we can not escape our physical form, why not simply face the constant changes thrown at us in our lives. For only with a generous and forgiving heart, will we be able to calm the disquieting heart within us, leading us to not REACT but rather to ACT out of the kindness of our hearts. We should enjoy nature and its flawlessness. We should understand the beauty of life. Let Mother Nature be our guide and help us understand 「The mountain clouds move through the sky, always moving. Water flows down the mountain side, always flowing.」 All things have their way. Let everything come naturally. 「Let our spirit flow with the spirits of Heaven and Earth. Let us be one with the Universe.」