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白陽老人 Boston 2009 Visit Private Schedule (Please contact Margaret or David for registration on the friends and family sessions)

9/5 Saturday

  • Master Wu's Public Appearance (1PM to 4PM)
    • Introduction (1:00PM to 1:10PM)
    • Open discussion Q/A (1:10PM-2:00PM)
    • Break (2:00PM-2:10PM)
    • Master Wu's Lesson/Speech (2:10PM - 3:15PM)
    • Question and Answer (3:15PM-4:00PM)
  • 網路討論會 (8PM-11PM)

9/6 Sunday

  • 白陽老人 Friends and family seminar #1 (1PM-3PM)
    • Andy Wang
    • Zhang Zhong (Cathy's friend)
    • Yongli and Nathan (Cathy's friend)
  • Baiyang Lesson #1 (4PM-6PM)

9/6 Monday

  • 白陽老人 Friends and family seminar #3 (1PM-3PM)
    • (Chunsheng-Cathy's Friend)
    • Wang Fei - Cathy's friend
    • Cindy Zhuang - Cathy's friend
  • Baiyang Lesson #2 (4PM-6PM)
  • 白陽老人 Friends and family seminar #4 (8PM-10PM)
    • (Linda)
    • XD
    • Jenny

We are asking each of you to invite your family and friends that maybe interested in meeting Master Wu. Instead of doing each individually as before, this time we are going to organize a group of 5-10 people to meet as "Friends and Family Seminar". We will try to group people with similar interest level to the same group. (For example, life, faith, family, or future) Of course each of you is welcome to attend all sessions.